Present SCRUM UP! Board Game

Tool number one to get people back to person to person collaboration when Returns-To-Office !


Mission of the SCRUM UP! Board Game

Feel the basics of Agile Delivery and Engineering Culture in Action


Get Basics of Agile Delivery

 Emulate typical Agile Sprint

Understand Typical Roles in Agile Delivery Team

Learn about roles impact on a software delivery project

Learn In-Team Collaboration

Needs to cooperate to win

Customer is part of Team

Develop customer-oriented approach and importance of customer input


Game Audience and Use Cases:

Returns-To-Office get people back to person-to-person collaboration when

Gathering New Teams get people to know each to other and collaborate in the game

Newcomers Onboarding Acquainting with your new team within the game play

Interns/co-op students Dive to agile delivery and engineering culture via the game

High School Students Wear a hi-tech role and play in Agile software development team.

Feel whether IT might be a right choice for further education

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